2019 Royalty Relived: New Year, New Opportunities

The Tribe of Indians Band at CHS begins work on 2019 season of the band. This will be the third season under the direction of Mr. Nick Tyler and things seem to be going up. As of now, the band has begun to schedule two June practices on the 5th and the 19th. This will get the students on the right track as they prepare for the beginning of band camp on July 15th. Band camp will be for two and a half weeks in July from 8am-5pm. The organization is reaching out to people to help provide donations such as Gatorade, wash clothes and tents as well as for people to help with providing lunch during the camp days.

“The community has been gracious during the past two years with helping out the students during band camp with needs and with lunches. We are grateful for the people we have and know that the community supports the arts in our school,” said Director Mr. Tyler


The show is called Royalty Relived, which will include Burning Love by Elvis Presley, Respect by Aretha Franklin, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and Purple Rain by Prince. This show will highlight the royalty of music that has defined the music of today. The show will have some features in each tune that will be in honor of the artist that the group performing. Not a lot of moment, but a lot of remembrance of the good old days.

When the students talked about ideas back in November with Mr. Tyler, he got a plethora of ideas. The students wanted a common theme of different styles within a show. The ideas they came up with were Elvis show, Michael Jackson Show, Ladies of Soul, Prince, Elle Goldening and Beyonce. After thinking, Mr. Tyler gathered some together and noticed that they had a common idea here. Elvis is known as the King of Rock and Roll, Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and Price seemed to fit right into this amazing set.


The band is already on the move with fundraisers this summer. On June 14th the kids will be working the Swamp Johns Seafood Truck at the Lions Den in Cherokee for the Lions Club Internation for Cherokee. Swamp Johns is a seafood restaurant that has locations in Muscle Shoals and Red Bay but also uses a food truck to do fundraisers for different organizations. The Lions Club has Swamp Johns food truck at the Lions Den the second Friday of the month, will plates being $11 for meat(Shrimp, Fish, Chicken), slaw, fries, hush puppies and a drink.  The Band will be helping serve the food for a donation from the Lions Club and donations from people as well. Come out to support the students in June

In July, the band will be bringing New South Wrestling to Cherokee. The Wrestling event will be July 13th at the Middle School Gym starting at 7:30pm with tickets only being at $10 each with the band profiting $3 for each ticket. The tickets will be first come, first serve with concessions being sold. It has been a long time since wrestling has been to Cherokee and Mr. Tyler believes that this will be the start of something new for the town to be a regular event. The event has already got a lot of attention on social media within a few days, which makes the event something to be proud of already.


July 15th-31st- Band Camp

July 31st- Band Camp Preview Show

August 22nd- First Game against R.A. Hubbard (Home)

September 2nd- Shoals Labor Day Parade (Tuscumbia)

September 28th- Russellville Band Competition

October 19th- Hayden Band Competition

November 2nd- State Marching Band Competition Hoover Al.