Royalty Review

        Tribe of Indians Marching Band, how can I describe this group of kids that I have the honor of working with? Dedication and teamwork are the only words that properly fit this group. Our marching season started off in the blazing heat of July pushing through with every step marched until the last show of the season, The Alabama State Marching Band Competition in Hoover, Alabama at the Hoover Met. We performed our final show in the bitter cold on November 2, 2019. The show titled “Royalty Relived” featuring “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Smooth Criminal” by Micheal Jackson, and finally “Purple Rain” by Prince. The show of dedication to the show peered through when we got runner-up and brought the red map home to our little town. We know it may not be the first place, but we can not hide our joy and pride for this achievement. I am so proud of these kids and how hard they have worked not only together but to make the show what it was. Through both sweat and tears, we have risen through the odds and made them into stepping stones leading into a better, brighter future for our band and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

                                                                                                                     by Audrey Vinson

Author: tribeofindianschs

This is the official website for the Tribe of Indians Marching Band at Cherokee, AL

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