The Behind the Scenes: The Percussion

This group of students is our biggest redemption story to come into play so far.  The students have gone far and beyond for the band.  We started the year with four students with only one of them a veteran of the percussion, then we get the fifth member. We then lose a member due to moving to the next state. She was a quick learner on the snare, so we needed to find a replacement since we had already band camp. Lucky for us, we grabbed a male player that had a little bit of experience but was a quick learner as well.

Our members are Wyatt Wylie (12th Grade), Nick West (10th Grade), Will Kaye (10th Grade), Jerrad Keller (9th Grade) and Devan Vinson (8th Grade). The students had to change their set-up and relearn music, but they went strong on the halftime music as well as stand tunes.

                    “Last years line was unique in the way that they stepped up to the plate facing many new challenges with little experience,” said Gabriel Goodloe, Percussion instructor. “We have a strong young core of four returning players, with promising new talent.

The group this past year went through the marching/ parade season well and then transitioned into concert season, which the group still did not have a lot of experience. The group worked with Mr. Goodloe every Monday afternoons to work on their abilities on fundamentals as well as the music. This year at MPA, was our second MPA with Mr. Tyler, but our first MPA with the percussion.

“The percussionists have really come a long way and they brought their A game that day”- Mr. Tyler.

This coming up students, who will be announced on Friday, March 22nd is already wanting to push the bar up for the standard of the drumline. During this week, they continue to demonstrate quick knowledge and quick retention.

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This is the official website for the Tribe of Indians Marching Band at Cherokee, AL

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