Behind the Scenes: The Brass

Another week, another look into the background of the band, this week it will be the brass. Our group of musicians has come a long way from the beginning of this season to this moment. They have grown musically and mentally through this journey of becoming a stronger section. Most of the section possesses students who are still young at making music, which makes the section something special.

The Brass section consists of Brayden Davis, (Freshmen Trumpet), Dillen Johnson, (Senior Horn) Emily-Sean Kumse (Junior Euphonium) Naomi Kumse (Freshmen Euphonium), Patrick Durham (Sophmore Euphonium), Thomas Maxwell (8th Grade Euphonium) and Ethan Smith (Sophomore Guitar and String Bass). This group of students continue to surprise and demonstrate their amazing ability to grow. The kids grow with every beat and every measure.

Right now, trumpet player Brayden Davis has been accepted to the University of North Alabama Honor Band. This is the beginning of his second year in the band, which is a huge accomplishment. This comes as senior member Dillen Johnson is preparing to leave, who was always involved in the honor bands.

“Dillen Johnson is a leader for the brass. The other students see how much he is involved and has grown as an individual. This continues to electrify the rest of the group.”

The other students are beginning to register for other events as well to continue their musical growth.

Author: tribeofindianschs

This is the official website for the Tribe of Indians Marching Band at Cherokee, AL

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