The Behind the Scenes: The Woodwinds

This week, we will look into the woodwind section of the Tribe of Indians Band at CHS. The woodwind section is the majority of strong female student musicians and one strong male. The woodwind section is one the strongest that is at CHS, they prove again and again to be confident in their musicianship and their ability to perform well. Now, they are the strongest, but that has not always been that way.

“When I first arrived, they were all extremely held back, but most of them were eight graders at the time and were still learning from the older students. Now they have bloomed out, because they are now freshmen, and they know they have to be the role models that the students were before them.”- Mr. Tyler

The woodwind section consists of Tatum Thomas, Mikay Hinton(Saxophones), Iesha Long(Clarinet), Rachel Lovelace(Bass Clarinet), Allison Pipkins, Mandi Pennington, Brodi Welborn and Olivia Murphy(Flutes). The freshmen are Tatum Thomas, Mikay Hinton, Iesha Long, and Mandi Pennington. Sophomore Allison Pipkins, Junior Rachel Lovelace, and Seniors Brodi Welborn and Olivia Murphy. When Mr. Tyler has guest conductors over in the band hall, they make the comment that the woodwind section is aggressive and powerful, but maybe too powerful. Sometimes their sound can overpower the band, but other times they fit in nicely.

Woodwinds 1

The Band has its Music Performance Assessment coming up on March 6th at the University of North Alabama. The woodwind section is prepared for the performance, but they know that there is always room for improvement since their goal is to get a superior rating at the event. They mention that at this point it is how well we can execute the small details to make our sound and performance great. Finally, when asked about the things coming up like the new halftime show they responded by saying “We know that Mr. Tyler has big plans and we know what they are, so we are excited for the public to know when it is time to know.


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This is the official website for the Tribe of Indians Marching Band at Cherokee, AL

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