Making Music Together

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Most people are aware that making music brings people together, but not everyone knows the ideal depth of how it brings people together. The Tribe of Indians Band at CHS is currently preparing for the Music Performance Assessment (MPA) at the beginning of March at the University of  North Alabama. While during preparing for the judged performance, different guest teachers have been by to talk and work with Mr. Tyler and the band. The music that the Tribe of Indians Concert Band will be performing is New Forest March by Johnnie Vinson, Pevensey Castle by Robert Sheldon and Quintus by Larry Clark.


“Music brings people together and when talking with music teachers, we all have the same goal, which is to help the students become better musicians. Many teachers, retired or current, have the pleasure to help students regardless of bands. I reached out to veteran teachers to see if they can give some insight for the students and for myself and we got some great responses.”  says Mr. Tyler.


The first guest teacher was Bob Reinlie, Former Band Director in the Shoals area, who came and worked with the details to make the performance better. Mr. Reinlie did not know any of the students at CHS, but he has the same passion as Mr. Tyler, which is to make the students better musicians one step at a time. The students had an open mind about what Mr. Reinlie was asking of them and well as changing some stuff that they were currently doing. Mr. Reinlie was able to bring in some insight into the styles and balance of the music which are some American pieces and some come from British composers. Mr. Tyler mentions that as a young teacher, it is amazing to get insight from experts and people who have more experience in the music. He used to work with small bands, so this was a comfort zone for Mr. Reinlie.


The second guest teacher was Dr, Phil Bonds. Dr. Bonds is now the saxophone professor at UNA but was once the band director at Cherokee High School back in the ’80s. Mr. Tyler, mentions that it was great to have him around in the band hall and help the students. The students enjoyed being taught from a man that used to work at the school and teach students just like them in that band hall. Dr. Bonds helped the students with balance as well and was able to really connect with the group. He helped focus with the group with articulations in the music to match the style that it needed to be. When Dr. Bonds took the podium with the band, they were extremely engaged with the teacher.

“It is crazy that one teacher, like myself, could say the same thing every time and every day all day, but it does not seem to stick, but when someone else like Dr, Bonds mentions it, then it clicked with the students. I was talking to former Band Director, Mike Brown, who said that sometimes it takes someone else to reconfirm to the students that the teacher is in fact knowledgeable.” -Mr. Tyler


The music seems to bring people from different walks of life together and unites people in hard times. All directors at some point in time have been a first or second-year teacher at one time and they have all had moments where they needed help from more experienced teachers. It is incredible that all of the students with different teachers have all come from different parts of life and parts of the world, but they are able to unite and make music together. Even just thinking about the teachers, these are all people who are different ages and different areas of life but work together to make something great happen to the next generations.



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This is the official website for the Tribe of Indians Marching Band at Cherokee, AL

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