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The fall semester is now over for the Tribe of Indians Band at CHS, so now what? Most people believe that the band is in a waiting stage for the next marching season to start, but this is not the case. The group is now working on multiple things for the spring and even for the next fall semester. Half of the spring semester will be working and in anticipation for the Music Performance Assessment(MPA), which is a statewide assessment for concert band. This performance will take place at the beginning of March and will be held at the University of North Alabama Norton Auditorium. This is like the competition for concert band, but we are essentially competing against ourselves since we will be judged on how we perform in relations to the standards. Last year, the band performed at MPA, but only performed for comments only. “This year,” Mr. Tyler states, “the students are energized and are ready to perform for ratings and rank this time.” You can tell that at the moment, there are no stopping points for the band.


Once that is over, then the band will relax a little as they get ready for their spring concert in May. The spring concert will be titled “Remembrance”, which will look back on their 45 years as a band and play some of the hits throughout the year. Mr. Tyler has also hinted that this will be a concert to honor Pam Burns, retiring Art teacher at CHS. “Mrs. Burns and I have worked closely together and I am going to miss her a lot even though we have only known each other for two years, she has been like family to me”. The art classes will be working on artwork to match the theme of the band concert, which was a collaboration that began last year for the spring concert “Cinemas”. Once that is over, then the band will shift gears into the marching band to get the next halftime show together.


When asked about the halftime show for next year, Mr. Tyler seemed to grin about the ideas. “We are planning something royal for the show. We have already begun the planning of the show and even have a team meeting once a month to talk about progress.” He mentioned that Gabriel Goodloe will be returning to work with the drumline as he has the official title of Percussion Instructor now. Alumnus Brodi Welborn will be joining the team as Color Guard Instructor as his first job out of high school and the spot for Dance Instructor is still open as of now for an energetic coach. What is an amazing surprise is Ethan Smith is working with Mr. Tyler and Mr. Goodloe on writing the music for the halftime show. “He seemed so energetic and loves working on music that he loves creating the music and making it come to life.” In the early summer, the royal show will be revealed to the public. Continue to follow the tribe on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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This is the official website for the Tribe of Indians Marching Band at Cherokee, AL

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